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Introduction to the Institute

What is the Foreign Language Education Institute?

With the cooperation of each department, the Institutes oversees foreign language education at Kurume University with the cooperation of each department. We contribute to the improvement and development of foreign language education.

What kind of provision?

English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (for undergraduate students).


How many staff and what they do?

With the cooperation of approximately 70 part-time lecturers and some full-time faculty members, 9 full-time foreign language teachers (3 Japanese and 6 internationaL) coordinate and oversee various classes: foreign language education, language, culture, etc. Any research results are presented in academic societies and specialty journals in each specialized field. The Institute also publishes the "Institute of Foreign Language Education Institute" journal.


When was it started?

The Institute was established in April 1993.

What kind of principles underpin the organization?

The Foreign Language Education Institute upholds the following educational objectives. These are rooted in our philosophy of  "fostering human resources who can contribute to the peaceful and symbiotic development of the multilingual and multicultural international community through language education". These educational objectives are:

1. Develop students' foreign language management skills as a communication tool so that they can play an active role as an independent member in the international community.


2. Develop students' attitudes towards understanding and respecting other cultures while raising their interest in the local culture.


3. Teach students how to cooperate with others throughout their lives so as to support a foundation for achieving self-development and self-realization.

In order to realize the above objectives, staff members at the Institute continue to study

the dynamics of language, culture and language education and always

keep in mind the need to continually respond to global trends.

Introduction to the Institute: About
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